Applying Table Formats in FrameMaker
Table formats define the appearance of your tables, and ePublisher uses table formats to define the appearance of tables in generated output. When you work with tables in your Adobe FrameMaker source documents, ensure you apply the correct table formats to your tables. The Stationery designer defines the table formats you can use in your Adobe FrameMaker source documents in the Adobe FrameMaker templates you associate with your Adobe FrameMaker source documents. If you want to specify a different table format for sets of tables in your generated output, first ensure the different table format you want to apply is available in your Adobe FrameMaker source document. Then apply the different table format to tables in your Adobe FrameMaker source documents as appropriate.
For example, you may have a small set of tables that contain information about a specific component in a product. If you decide you want to modify the appearance of these tables in your generated output by specifying that the tables associated with this component display with a yellow background in your generated output, apply a table format available in your Adobe FrameMaker source document that the Stationery designer created to meet this requirement. When you generate output, the Stationery designed by the Stationery designer specifies that any tables created with a table format configured to display tables with a yellow background display in your output with a yellow background.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021