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Using Variables in FrameMaker
A variable serves as a placeholder for information that may change frequently. Using variables in source documents allows you to quickly and easily control the content in your generated output. When you change the value of a variable in an ePublisher project, it changes the value in only your generated output. The variable value does not change in your source document.
Once you insert variables into your source documents, whenever the value of a item defined by a variable needs to change, you can make the change in a single location, rather than searching and replacing for all instances of the item. For example, you can use variables in the following ways:
*If you have publication dates or release dates in your source documents that you need to update periodically, you can set up the date as a variable.
*If you work with products that have names or versions that frequently change, you can set up variables for product names and versions.
*If you need to produce documentation sets for a product with multiple brands, you can use variables to help you produce documentation for each different brand using the same set of source files.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021