Applying Conditions in FrameMaker
After you have imported conditions from your Adobe FrameMaker template or created conditions in your Adobe FrameMaker source document, you can apply conditions to content in your Adobe FrameMaker source documents. For more information about creating conditions in Adobe FrameMaker source documents, see Creating Conditions in FrameMaker.
The following procedure provides an example of how to apply conditions in Adobe FrameMaker source documents using unstructured Adobe FrameMaker 7.2. Steps for applying conditions in Adobe FrameMaker may be different in other versions of Adobe FrameMaker.
To apply a condition to content in an Adobe FrameMaker source document
1. In your Adobe Framemaker source document, select the content to which you want to apply the condition.
2. On the Special menu, click Conditional Text.
3. In the Not In list, select the condition you want to apply to the content.
4. Click the left arrow to move the condition from the Not In list to the In list.
5. Click Apply button to apply the condition.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021