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HTML Help Project File (.hhp)
The HTML Help project .hhp file identifies all the elements of an HTML Help project. This project file is separate from the ePublisher project. The HTML Help project file contains the information HTML Help Workshop needs to combine the source files, images, index, and table of contents into a single, compiled help .chm file.
The HTML Help project file also defines the appearance and behavior of the HTML Help Viewer window. ePublisher creates the HTML Help project file based on the template.hhp file and the settings in your ePublisher project. You can override the default template.hhp file to adjust the default appearance of your HTML Help, such as the default size and position of the HTML Help Viewer window or the buttons displayed in the toolbar pane. You can also define additional windows in the template.hhp file, such as a window without the navigation pane. For more information, see Adjusting the HTML Help Viewer Window Size and Toolbar Buttons and Creating an Additional HTML Help Window Definition.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021