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PDF-XSL-FO Page Regions
When creating a PDF-XSL-FO output, it can be useful to understand the regions of the page when styling a PDF document.
The numbered regions corresponding with the list items below, which can be modified in the Page Styles section of the Style Designer.
6. Master Page Margins (Top, Left, Right, Bottom).
7. Master Page: Before Region - This is the region where a header will be rendered
8. Master Page: After Region - This is the region where a footer will be rendered
9. Master Page: Body Region - This is where the content of the page is rendered
10. Master Page: Start Region
11. Master Page: End Region
Note: It should be noted that the Start and End regions are actually rectangular regions that span from the top to the bottom of the page. In this image the Body Region is covering the middle of the Start and End regions, giving the appearance of two small squares in the corners of the document.
The Extent property can be used to set the sizing of these different regions, with the exceptions of the Master Page margins and the Body Region.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021