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Navigation Pane in WebWorks Help
By default, the navigation pane displays several tabs that provide core navigational features for your help:
Contents tab
Displays the table of contents, including entries for each style that you assigned a TOC level value in Style Designer. When a user clicks on item in the Contents tab, the selected topic is displayed in the topic pane. This tab displays the table of contents as an expand/collapse tree view. Each book icon represents a table of content entry that has subentries.
Index tab
Displays an alphabetical list of keywords associated with topics. To view index entries, select a letter to display the entries that start with that letter. When the user clicks on an index entry, the related topic is displayed in the topic pane. The writer defines the keywords as index entries in the source documents.
Search tab
Provides a full-text search. When the user clicks Go, WebWorks Help lists the titles of the topics whose content contains the words specified in the Search field. This tab provides Rank and Title columns. Each listed topic has a relevancy ranking number, which reflects how well the topic matches the search criteria. The ranking is specified in the wwh_files.xsl file. For more information about how to modify the ranking, see Modifying the Search Ranking.
Favorites tab
Lists the topics that the current user added to his or her list of personal favorites. In WebWorks Help, users can add frequently accessed or important help topics to their personal list of favorites. When the user clicks on a topic on the Favorites tab, the help topic is displayed in the topic pane. The Favorites tab also provides a Remove button that allows users to delete any unwanted topics from their list.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021