By default, ePublisher’s ePUB format renders tables using paragraph markup. Users may enable true table markup via the table styles Options panel in the ePublisher Style Designer. Reasons for rendering tables using paragraph markup include:
*All tested eBook readers lacked the capability to view tables larger than the available screen space.
*The Apple iBooks reader, prior to version 2.0, fails to render images inside of table cells.

ePublisher emits conversion warnings when an image is rendered inside a table cell.
Tables can be used effectively inside of ePUB eBooks, though authors should be aware of the inherent space limitations associated with mobile reading devices. The addition of proportional (percentage based) table cell widths, used in conjunction with a table width set to 100%, may provide users with sufficient control over table rendering behavior. The behavior can be specified in the Options tab for table styles in the ePublisher Style Designer.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021