Working with Contract IDs
ePublisher no longer requires you to manually enter license keys. ePublisher now uses Contract IDs to enable product functionality, which simplifies the ePublisher licensing process.
A Contract ID is a unique identifier that identifies the number of users and type of functionality enabled for your ePublisher installation. WebWorks generates an appropriate Contract ID for your ePublisher installation when you purchase ePublisher or request an evaluation copy of ePublisher. A Contract ID enables functionality based on the items and time frame specified in the purchase contract between your company and WebWorks.
If you have a valid contract ID for one version of the ePublisher product, when a new version of ePublisher releases, you can continue to use your same Contract ID when you upgrade to the new version of the product. You can also continue to use your same Contract ID if you have to uninstall and then re-install a version of ePublisher.
ePublisher licensing is flexible, and the WebWorks team can work with you ensure that you have the licensing that is right for you. Contact WebWorks Sales at or WebWorks Customer Service at to discuss any special licensing needs you may have.
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Last modified date: 01/19/2023