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Benefits of Using ePublisher AutoMap
ePublisher AutoMap automates the process of transforming your source documents to your output formats. This component lets you transform content at scheduled times and work seamlessly with your content management and version control systems. The following list highlights several ePublisher AutoMap features that save you time and effort:
*Automates the output generation using existing projects, including synchronizing with the Stationery
*Creates projects using the specified Stationery and applies it to your content
*Creates merged output from multiple books
*Allows you to customize conditions, variables, and cross references on a per-job and per-target basis
*Redirects and deploys output automatically
*Provides a full-featured command-line interface for performing batch transformations from other systems or scripts
*Integrates with content management and version control systems
*Offers flexible scheduling options
*Notifies relevant people when a job succeeds or fails
*Automatically updates your online content, help, or Web-based information
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Last modified date: 06/11/2024