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Scheduling Jobs with Windows Scheduler
Immediately after creating a new job, ePublisher AutoMap starts the Windows Scheduler to allow you to schedule your job. ePublisher AutoMap uses the Windows Scheduler built into the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows Scheduler allows you to schedule a job to run at pre-determined times and repeating intervals. If you do not want to schedule the job, click Cancel. You can schedule the job at a later time, and you can modify an existing schedule.
When you schedule a job and then click OK, Windows prompts you for your Windows user name and password. For more information about using the Windows Scheduler, see the Windows operating system online help. To open the Windows online help, click Help and Support on the Start menu.
To schedule a job or change the schedule for an existing job
1. Start ePublisher AutoMap.
2. Select the job to schedule or reschedule in the ePublisher AutoMap main window.
3. On the Job menu, click Schedule Job.
4. Specify the appropriate values, and be sure to add a Trigger that designates what schedule the Job will run, and then click OK.
5. If you select the Run whether user is logged on or not option, you will need to specify your Windows user name and password, and then click OK. Since you are scheduling a task in Windows Scheduler, you must provide your Windows user name and password to add the task. If you are part of a Windows domain, include the domain name, such as domain\user.
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Last modified date: 06/11/2024