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Using Scripting Variables Example
This example creates a simple mini-report inside the log file for each target in the job. This simple example demonstrates the use of the scripting variables. In this case, the values of the variables are displayed as part of the report using the echo command built into the DOS command-line interface.
The following figure shows some of the variable names surrounded by single quotes. You do not need to enclose variable names in quotes. These quotes are there only to show emphasis on the variable values in the mini-report example.
The following output shows the mini-report displayed immediately after the target starts to be built. You could add this same script as a post-build step for the target and a similar mini-report would be created when the target is done being generated.
Building target: WebWorks Help 5.0
--- Target Mini-Report for WebWorks Help 5.0 ---
‘WebWorks Help 5.0’ is running from the ‘Scripting Demo’ job located at C:\Documents and Settings\doc\My Documents\WebWorks Automap\Jobs\Demo.
Currently running the ‘PreBuild’ script for the WebWorks Help 5.0 target. ‘WebWorks Help 5.0’ will deploy to ‘Online Help’ located in the C:\AutoMapOutput\Help Systems\Online Help folder.
So far, 0 errors have occurred.
--- End of WebWorks Help 5.0 mini-report ---
Generation started at 9:57:15 AM
Initializing file information
Updating documents.
Applying settings to WebWorks.doc, 1 of 1.
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Last modified date: 06/11/2024