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Understanding the ePublisher Workflow
ePublisher allows your organization to quickly and easily produce online content that meets your organization’s styles and standards. With ePublisher, you use the following workflow to quickly and easily generate online content:
*Stationery designers create new or modify existing source document templates and then use ePublisher Designer to create Stationery for writers to use to generate output. For more information, see Stationery Designers and ePublisher Designer.
*Writers use ePublisher Express and the Stationery created by a Stationery designer to generate and validate online content. For more information, see Writers and ePublisher Express.
*ePublisher AutoMap can automatically generate and deploy online content using the Stationery created by a Stationery designer and source documents created by writers. For more information, see Automating Output Generation with ePublisher AutoMap.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021