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Including or Excluding Files
ePublisher allows you to include/exclude documents from processing on a target by target basis. This capability is available to all ePublisher users, regardless of their source authoring format. Users working with Adobe FrameMaker book files will see that ePublisher scans default include/exclude values from their source documents.
To include or exclude a document from processing, right-click on any file or book. The context menu will appear with the Include/Exclude option. Clicking this item will reveal three choices: Include, Exclude and Use Document Value. Clicking Exclude will create a red dotted line around the file that will indicated that this source file will not be created in the output file. Clicking include will show as normal and if it is not changed in the FM source, will be included. The Use Document Value will take whatever is set in FrameMaker and if already set to Exclude in the source will show the dotted red lines around the source documents.
Note: Include/exclude settings are configured on a per Target. For example in this project’s WebWorks Help target, (along with all child files) is excluded:
In the same project’s WebWorks Reverb target, book is included for processing while Exploring (and child files) is excluded.
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Last modified date: 06/11/2024