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Customizing Your ePublisher Workspace
By default, the ePublisher user interface comes preset with certain toolbar icons and window settings. ePublisher gives you extensive control over the appearance of the user interface by allowing you to customize the display of windows and toolbars.
When you open ePublisher for the first time, Document Manager and Output Explorer are docked and the Log Window is undocked. When a window is undocked, it displays as a tab in the sidebar, and it will auto-hide unless you hover over the tab in the sidebar. When you hover over an undocked window, the window displays.
You can customize the display of windows in the user interface to suit your needs. In ePublisher, you can move Document Manager, Output Explorer, and the Log Window to different locations within the user interface or make them into floating windows. When you dock a window, it becomes stationary within the user interface and is always visible.
You can rearrange docked windows by moving the window to a new location within the user interface. For example, you can move the Output Explorer into a new window pane next to the Start page. However, the Start page cannot be moved. The Start page serves as the central point from which all the windows are arranged. To move a docked window within the user interface, click on the title bar of the window and then drag the window to a new location. To undock a window, click on the pin icon in the upper right corner of the window.
In addition to rearranging docked windows, you can add, remove, customize, or create buttons on tool bars. You can also create your own custom toolbars. By customizing your toolbars and buttons, you can create a workspace that fits your preferences and work style.
Whenever you make changes to the user interface by moving windows, changing window dock settings, or customizing toolbars, the changes take effect for each subsequent project you create or open. For example, if you dock Document Manager, Output Explorer, and the Log Window and add customized buttons to the toolbar, these settings will become the default settings for each project you open.
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Last modified date: 06/11/2024