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Adding Targets to Projects Based on Stationery
Every project must contain at least one target. Add targets to projects when you need to produce different kinds of output using the same source documents. Each target is associated with one output format, such as WebWorks Help, Microsoft HTML Help, or PDF. If you are generating output based on Stationery using ePublisher Express, the Stationery you use for your project defines the type of output formats you can specify for a target when you add a target to your project. You can only use output formats defined in the Stationery by the Stationery designer when you create targets. If you need to create a target for an output format not included in the Stationery, talk to the Stationery designer about updating the Stationery to include the output format.
For example, assume that you are a writer working at CompanyA, and you need to create web-based help. You have Stationery from a Stationery designer configured to support WebWorks Help, Microsoft HTML Help, and PDF output. In this scenario, you create an ePublisher project based on Stationery from the Stationery designer, and then you create a target called CompanyA WebWorks Help that specifies WebWorks Help as the output format for the target.
Next, assume that your documentation requirements change, and in addition to creating WebWorks Help for CompanyA, you must now also produce Microsoft HTML Help and PDF files for CompanyA using your same source documents. In this scenario, you update your project by adding Microsoft HTML Help and PDF as targets, and you project now contains the following targets:
*CompanyA WebWorks Help
*CompanyA Microsoft HTML Help
*CompanyA PDF Files
To add a target to a project based on Stationery
1. On the Project menu, click Manage Targets.
2. Click Add.
3. In the Format Type field, select the output format you want to use for the format target.
4. In the Target Name field, type a name for the format target.
5. Click OK.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022