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Renaming Targets
You can rename targets. By default, the target name is the same as the output format in ePublisher. However, in some situations, you may want specify a different name for the target. For example, assume that you are a writer working at CompanyA, and you have the requirement to create a web-based help system using your documentation source files. In this scenario, you create an ePublisher project that specifies WebWorks help as your help system and you configure your project settings to use information and branding for CompanyA to create an target called WebWorks Help.
Next, assume that your requirements change, and now, based on an OEM agreement your company signed, in addition to creating WebWorks Help for CompanyA, you must use your source files to create WebWorks Help for CompanyB. In this scenario you create a new target in your project called CompanyB WebWorks Help and configure settings for this target. However, after configuring settings for the CompanyB WebWorks Help target, you now want to go back and rename your original WebWorks Help output format, and change the name of this output format to CompanyA WebWorks Help.
To rename a target
1. On the Project menu, click Manage Targets.
2. In the Target Name field, click the name of the output format you want to rename.
3. Click Edit.
4. In the Target Name field, type the new name you want to specify.
5. Click OK.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022