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Specifying Unknown File Links Behavior in Reverb
In the output format, WebWorks Reverb 2.0, relative file links that do not resolve to an actual file (i.e. baggage file) are not active when loaded in the browser. In this situation, Reverb assumes that this link is not available in the current session and thus prevents the user from activating them and getting an unknown file error.
If you wish to preserve these types of links in your output (there are circumstances where preserving this behavior can be useful), then you will need to enable the target setting called: Preserve Unknown File Links.
To enable preservation of unknown file links
1. On the Project menu, select the target next to Active Target for which you want to specify settings.
2. On the Target menu, click Target Settings.
3. Under Links, enable the setting: Preserve Unknown File Links.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022