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Setting Conditions in Projects
In a project, you can use the conditions defined in your source document to control the visibility of content to which you have applied conditions. You can also change the visibility specified for any condition in a project. Changing the visibility specified for any condition in a project does not change the visibility specified for the condition in your source documents. Before you can work with conditions in projects, you must apply conditions to content in your source documents.
To customize a condition in a project
1. On the Project menu, select the target next to Active Target for which you want to customize condition settings.
2. On the Target menu, click Conditions. You must have target modification permissions to modify condition settings for a target. For more information, see Working with Target Settings.
3. In the Name column, find the condition for which you want condition to set the value.
4. Specify the appropriate value for the condition. For more information about condition values, click Help.
5. Click OK.
6. Generate your output. For more information, see Generating Output.
7. Review your output and confirm that conditionalized content displays appropriately in your generated output. For more information, see Viewing Output.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022