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Classic Tab
This tab allows you to specify the visibility of conditions in your output. The columns are defined as follows:
Specifies the name of the condition.
Specifies whether the content with the condition applied to it is included in your output. The values for this setting are defined as follows:
Displays the content in your output.
Excludes the content from your output.
Use document value
Uses the state of the condition specified in your source documents to determine whether the content is displayed in your output.
Pass Through 
Puts the content directly in your output without processing or transforming the output. This setting allows you to put HTML code in your source documents and have that code put directly in your output. The content with this type of condition applied is not transformed, so the special characters in HTML coding remain unchanged. For example, the < is not transformed to &lt; and the > is not transformed to &gt;.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021