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Documents Window
This window allows you to specify the source documents the ePublisher AutoMap job uses when generating output create groups and to create groups for source documents. This window also allows you to specify a script to use when obtaining source documents for a group. For example, to obtain source documents from a version control or content management system, you can specify a script that obtains and prepares source documents based on the parameters you define in the script.
You must create a top-level group before you can add source documents to the ePublisher AutoMap job. A top-level group is the primary container for source documents, subgroups, and the entry-point file for the output. After you create a top-level group, you can add source documents to the job, and you can also create subgroups and add source documents to subgroups as needed.
The fields are defined as follows:
Script to retrieve documents 
Specifies the script to run to retrieve source documents.Type or paste the script to use to retrieve source documents into the text field or click Edit Script to use the Script Editor window to write your script. The script you specify runs before the ePublisher AutoMap job generates output, which ensures that the ePublisher AutoMap job always uses the most current version of the source documents.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021