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Document Designer
This window allows you to override the appearance of a paragraph or table in generated output. If there is an issue in the output and the designer does not have time to make the change in the Stationery, or if you did not set all the styles needed in the source documents and you do not have time to fix it, use Document Designer to put style overrides in place for specific paragraphs or tables. Select the Allow user style overrides project setting to allow style overrides.
Note: ePublisher does not keep changes made through Document Designer if you save a project as Stationery.
Document Designer works in conjunction with the Preview window. To preview a document, select a single document in the Document Manager, and then select Generate Preview from the Project menu. Select a paragraph or table in the Preview window and make modifications in Document Designer. Document Designer fields appear inactive until you open the Preview window and select text in the source document.
After modifying the selected content in Document Designer, click refresh in the Preview window to see how modifications look in the generated output.
Note: Changes made using Document Designer override any others modifications in ePublisher. For example, if you alter a paragraph in Document Designer to have a red background, but you later decide to change the style the paragraph uses in Style Designer to have a blue background, the Document Designer modifications take precedence.
To clear changes made in Document Designer, select Clear Document Style Overrides on the Edit menu.
Style type
Indicates what style was applied to the paragraph or table selected in the Preview window. ePublisher populates this field with style name specified in your source document.
Apply style
Allows you to select a different style to apply to the paragraph or table selected in the Preview window. ePublisher imports all styles in your original source document when you generate project files.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021