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General Tab (Project Settings Window)
If you are using ePublisher Designer, this window allows you to specify if the project allows user style overrides in document previews by default. A style override is a change made with Document Designer to the preview of a single document. Overrides can be applied to a paragraph or a table, and an override supersedes any values or properties set in either the source document or in Style Designer. Overrides appear only in output. The do not display in or affect the source document. Overrides cannot be saved to Stationery.
The fields are defined as follows:
Allow user style overrides in document previews (ePublisher Designer only) 
Specifies whether to allow user style overrides. When you add overrides to the output in your project, ePublisher adds bookmarks to your source documents. These bookmarks contain unique IDs that store override information and allow ePublisher Designer to keep track of your overrides. These IDs are invisible and do not affect the functionality of your source documents.
If you clear this option, you cannot add overrides to your output, and you cannot use Document Designer. If you do not want ePublisher to add these unique ID bookmarks to your source documents, clear the check box.
If all paragraphs in your Microsoft Word documents use a style other than Normal and you do not plan on adding any overrides to your documents, you may want to clear this option.
Compatibility Configuration 
The Base format version determines which Format library will be used when generating output. You can select any ePublisher version back to 9.2.2. This option is available to ensure ease of use when upgrading should user contain XSL overrides which may be incompatible with newer format libraries. Any plugin used in the project will be updated to match format version.
Users will see a log message such as the following when a project is configured to operate in compatibility mode:
[Warning] Project configured to use legacy format version '2009.2'.
Keep in mind that a project in running in compatiblity mode can only use formats defined for that version. You will be able to use the latest format versions once you have upgraded your customizations to be compatible with the newer release.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021