Excluding Images from Accessibility Report Checks in FrameMaker
In some instances, alternate text is sufficient for an image, and assigning a long description to an image in addition to alternate text would be redundant. However, you may have configured Accessibility reports to check for images without long descriptions and notify you when an image does not have a long description.
In this scenario, while you want an Accessibility report to notify you when you have an image without a long description, you do not want to be notified when you deliberately did not assign a long description to an image because assigning a both a long description and alternative text would be redundant. To address this issue, you can use the ImageLongDescNotReq marker to exclude an image that deliberately does not have a long description from validation when you generate Accessibility reports. For more information about Accessibility reports and configuring and generating Accessibility reports, see Accessibility Reports, Configuring Reports, and Generating Reports.
To exclude images without long descriptions from Accessibility reports, your Stationery and template must have the ImageLongDescNotReq marker type configured. Your output format must also support this feature.
The following procedure provides an example of how to exclude images without long descriptions from Accessibility report checks in Adobe FrameMaker source documents using unstructured Adobe FrameMaker 7.2. Steps for excluding images without long descriptions from Accessibility report checks in Adobe FrameMaker may be different in other versions of Adobe FrameMaker.
To exclude an image without a long description from Accessibility report checks in an Adobe FrameMaker source document
1. In your Adobe FrameMaker source document, locate the anchored frame for the image without a long description that you want to exclude from an Accessibility report check.
2. On the Graphics menu, click Tools to display the graphic tools palette.
3. Click the Text Frame icon.
4. Drag the cursor over the portion of the image where you want to insert the text frame that will contain the ImageLongDescNotReq marker.
5. In the Create New Text Frame window, in the Number field, type 1, and then click Set.
6. Click outside the image, and then insert your cursor in the text frame.
7. On the Special menu, click Marker.
8. In the Marker Type field, select ImageLongDescNotReq from the drop-down list.
9. If the ImageLongDescNotReq marker type is not on the list, check with the Stationery designer to obtain the name of the marker type the Stationery designer created to support this functionality and then use the marker type specified by the Stationery designer. For more information, refer to Implementing Online Features in FrameMaker.
10. In the Marker Text field, do not enter any text. You do not need to enter any text in this field when you insert a ImageLongDescNotReq marker.
11. Save your Adobe FrameMaker source document.
12. Generate output for your project. For more information, see Generating Output.
13. Generate an Accessibility report and confirm that ePublisher did not generate an Image is missing a long description message for the image. For more information about generating Accessibility reports and Accessibility report messages, see Generating Reports and Accessibility Report Messages.
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Last modified date: 11/30/2021