ePublisher Platform Documentation
What's New in ePublisher 2023.1
ePublisher 2023.1 Release Notes
Contacting Quadralay
Introduction to the WebWorks ePublisher Platform
What Is ePublisher?
WebWorks ePublisher Platform Components
Supported Input Formats
Supported Output Formats
How ePublisher Helps You
Streamline and Automate the Content Publishing Process
Produce High Quality Deliverables with Fewer Individual Dependencies
Reduce Support Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction
Quickly Update and Deliver Content More Often
Reduce Content Management Life Cycle Costs
How Organizations Use ePublisher
Automatically Update Content on Web Sites
Deliver Full-Featured, Context-Sensitive Help Systems
Produce Single-Sourced Print and Online Optimized Content
Planning and Installing ePublisher
Licensing Considerations
Components and Supported Configurations
ePublisher Express, ePublisher Designer, and ePublisher AutoMap Requirements
Additional Source Document Requirements
Additional Output Format Requirements
WebWorks Reverb 2.0
WebWorks Reverb 1.0 Limitation
Dynamic HTML
eBook - ePUB 2.0
Eclipse Help
Microsoft HTML Help 1.x
Oracle Help
Sun JavaHelp 2.0
WebWorks Help 5.0
Downloading ePublisher Installers
Microsoft Windows Requirements
Downloading and Installing the Microsoft .NET 4.7.2 Framework
Installing ePublisher
Installation Order for ePublisher Components
Installing ePublisher Components
Installing Ghostscript
Ghostscript not Installed Warnings
Configuring AutoMap for Microsoft Source Document Inputs
Understanding Installed Sample Projects and Stationery
Working with Contract IDs
Viewing Licensing and Contract ID Information
Obtaining Contract IDs
Entering Contract IDs
Managing Licensing in Environments without Internet Connectivity
Updating Licensing
Deactivating Licensing
Upgrading from Previous Versions
Updating ePublisher installation
Preparing existing projects for ePublisher Upgrade
Upgrading Typical ePublisher Implementations
Upgrading Implementations with Advanced Customizations
Upgrading Advanced Customizations of WebWorks Reverb 2.0
Uninstalling ePublisher
Troubleshooting Installation, License Keys, and Uninstallation
Problems Installing ePublisher
Error: Please Close all Running Sessions of Microsoft Word
Problems with FrameMaker or Microsoft Word
Error: Error Communicating with Adobe FrameMaker
Error: Cannot Duplicate Document
Problems with Contract IDs and Licensing
No Contract ID Received
Error: No Valid License Key Found
Other Contract ID and Licensing Problems