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Creating Top-Level Groups
By default, ePublisher creates a top-level group based on the name of the project when you add your first source document to your project. There must always be at least one top-level group in Document Manager in order to add source documents to a project. You can create additional top-level groups if you want to further organize your source documents or create merged help systems, or multivolume help. For more information about creating merged help systems, see Merging Top-level Groups (Multivolume Help).
To create a top-level group
1. On the Project menu, click New Group. ePublisher creates and displays a new top-level group in Document Manager.
2. Type a name for the new group.
3. Drag the new top-level group to its appropriate position above, below, or between an existing top-level group in Document Manager.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022