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Filenames Reports
You can specify names for output files using Filename markers.
You can use Filenames reports to validate that ePublisher named your output files correctly using the Filename markers you inserted in your source documents. The Filenames report displays the name of the Filename marker you inserted into your source document and the name of the output file ePublisher generated based on the Filename marker. The Filenames report also provides notifications on the following items when ePublisher generates output:
*The files ePublisher created that correspond to the Filename markers you inserted into your source documents
*If ePublisher ignored a Filename marker when generating output
*If duplicate Filename markers exist in the source documents used by your project to generate output
Configure the notifications you want ePublisher to generate for Filenames report settings before you generate Filenames reports. For more information about configuring Filename report settings, see Configuring Reports. For more information about generating Filename reports, see Generating Reports.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022