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Styles Reports
Styles reports allow you to verify that your source documents conform to the styles and formatting defined in the Stationery by the Stationery designer. The Styles report notifies you about the following items when ePublisher generates reports:
*Any non-standard styles used in your source documents
*Any style overrides used in your source documents
A non-standard style is any style that exists in your source document but is not defined in the stationery file used by your project. For example, if you add a new style to your source document called BodyIndent 4, but your stationery designer has not updated the stationery file to include the BodyIndent 4 style, the Styles report notifies you that there is a non-standard style used in the source document.
A style override is any modification you made to the original style definition for a particular instance of a style. For example, if you have applied the Body paragraph style to a paragraph in your source document, and you then apply the Bold character style to the paragraph, the Body paragraph style has a style override.
If your source document contains any non-standard styles or style overrides, ePublisher will process your source documents when you generate output using the non-standard styles and style overrides you applied in your source documents.
Configure the notifications you want ePublisher to generate for Styles report settings before you generate Styles reports. For more information about configuring Styles report settings, see Configuring Reports. For more information about generating Styles reports, see Generating Reports.
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Last modified date: 01/27/2022